WS38 set one

complete WS38



webbing carrier harness

Satchels signals (new)

content (new)

Headset (new)

handmike (new)

throat mike

WS38 set two

Complete Set

rear compelte set




webbing carrier harness

Item number: W0033
Title: Wireless set 38 
Year: 1943-45
Country of origin: England
Condition:  good condition
Quantity: 2

Set one comes with:

- WS38 set MkII
- Webbing carrier harness
- Box
- Satchel signals new 
    - New head set
    - New hand mike 
- Throat mike

Sold sorry.

Set two comes with:

- WS38 set MkII
- Webbing carrier harness*
- Box 
- New head set
- Throat mike
* is replica little different texture of the webbing

Price: 310 euros o.n.o

Aerials can be supplied but are not included. We cannot ship items longer than 1 metre, outside the Netherlands at  reasonable rates. 

We have shorter US ones, we can ship simple world wide with the set


the F- sections, only shipment world wide is 100 euros 

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