Otter light reconnaissance car

Front view

Rear view 
see turret

Side view rear


Inside drivers seat

Very rare lights specially the right one 
Both NOS 

Item: VE002
Title: Otter light reconnaissance car
Country of origin: Canada
Year: 1943
Condition: unrestored complete

Comment: Comes with loads of (new) spares;

    - Spare engine
    - new all instruments & switches
    - original smoke grenade         
      launcher (very rare)
    - Turret
    - New head lights
    - Manuals originals ones
    - Complete like new WS19 set incl 
       all cabels etc for the otter
    - And much more

Price on Application 

We will put more pictures on in the near future with the new parts that comes with it 

Portfolio available on request please send email.