GRC 3030

Complete set 

Set it self

Power unit

tele microphone


spare parts / valves

Item number: W0034
Title: Wireless set GRC 3030
Year: 1950-60
Country of origin: Netherlands
Condition:  good condition / working
Quantity: 2 

Comes with:

- vehicle mounting
- set + power unit + Crystal calibrator 
   and audio unit
- all cables
- spare parts / valves
- Tele microphone, microphone and   

GRC 3030 are 19 set replacement for the Dutch Army same freq. arrange output 10 watt. Most set are demilitarised by hammer 

set one is on working order and unmolested, so still with the original ceramic coil cores.  


set two is also in working order but was demilitarized and the coil are newly made.


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