Canadian Mk III 19 set on wooden mounting

19 set Mk III 

inside top

inside bottom

Power unit Mk III

Power unit inside

Very nice but none original mounting

details of the mounting

Spare parts

Spare valves

New headset

Item number: W0024
Title: Canadian Mk III 19 set
Year: 1944-45
Country of origin: Canada
Condition: Nice used condition

Comment: Has a not original mounting. 

Comes with:
    - Mk III  19 Set
    - Mk III Power Unit
    - Mounting (not original)
    - 12/12 bone shielded
    - 6  power cable  
    - 12/12 audio cable  
    - Switch box No 3
    - New Headset
    - New spare valve case complete
    - B set clip
    - G section
    - A set base on variometer bracket 
    - Original used cover
    - Variometer
    - Variometer filling part
    - A set aerial cable
    - M117, M116, M118 aerial section (*see note)
    - Spare parts case

* none original sections, the original F section are to long to send.

Price 1125 Euro O.N.O.