Rare trio 2 Ford V8 Cab 12 Quads, 25 Pounder  and Limber 

Front 25 pounder 


25 pounder in canvas cover 

25 pounder + accesories 

Limber front view 

limber top view

Quad 1 unrestored

Quad 2 running gear restores and nice tires

Item: VE011
Title: 2x Rare Ford Quads Cab 12, a rare      
              Limber and 25 pounder
Country of origin: Canada & UK
Year: 1942 - 1945
Condition: restored / unrestored

As far as we can tell there are only 5 Ford V8 Cab 12 Quads Kn

The lot comes with a extensive range of accessories like you seldom will see with together incl. manuals, 80 WWII date shells etc etc.

In case you are interested please contact us we will send you a extensive portfolio with details. We tend to sell them as a set but if there are three buyers, which want each an item we don’t mind.


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