The sales of major private collections
                 and valuations

The El Alamein collection, is the property of Peter-Geert Hommes

Started with military collection at the age of 15 year, I bought my first WWII Jeep from money saved with paper rounds and odd jobs.

I have owned many different military vehicles and have owned a major collection of wireless radios, I moved in to collecting Aston Martins in the last two decades next to my beloved Mk II Dingo.

With nearly 40 years experience in military and classic cars, I have a wide network of people, so i can help you to sell or buy the military vehicle or item you are dreaming of. I do this discreetly.

I‘m an honest person and know all the pit falls because I made them myself. I am available for a chat at any time to help you, by phone or click on Skype 
Looking forward to hear from you

Peter-Geert Hommes
+31 621 505 999

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Expected soon

DINGO Mk II, new condition, all running gear is new, many spares, incl 19 set etc and manual

Diamond T wrecker complete restored to highest  possible standards with all tools, gas bottles, compressors etc all original, with many spares and manuals

Lots of spare parts will be for sale inc. lots of hard to find parts.
Much more to come soon